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Entering depreciation on home from home office when calculating capital gain on primary home sale

I'm entering information about our primary home sale to see if we pay any capital gains tax. We sold our primary home in 2017. The proceeds were well under the exemption limit and we lived there all of the past five years. However, my spouse had a home office for five years, and I understand that means we could pay tax on the the depreciation we were required to take with the home office deduction. 


Here's my question: When going through TurboTax to see if we owe tax here, I used the Adjusted Cost Basis Easy Guide. It asks for depreciation due to the business, which I entered. THEN a few screens later it asks for depreciation that was deducted on the home after May 6, 1997. Is this the same amount? Why am I entering this twice? TurboTax shows that we are exempt from paying taxes on the home sale until I enter this amount the second time. I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly.