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Early Vested Stock options, Buy back when left employer - How to report in TurboTax


Here's the situation:
1) Employer granted Stock Options, say 100 at price say $0.10
2) Chose early exercise and filed 83(b) and paid estimated taxes on these 100 stock option at FMV on exercise date of say $5.0
3) Employer went public - I was with the employer for less than 4 years in which all the stock options would have vested
4) When I quit my employer, some of the options had not vested, say 20 options, so they did a buy back of these 20 unvested, but early exercised, stock options at original exercise price of $0.10
5) I have not yet sold any options


I received a Form 3921 from the employer which shows all 100 Stock Options as Exercised, with Exercise price of $0.10 and FMV of $5.0 but no where does it show the 20 stock options that were buy-backed/repurchased.


I did reach out to the employer to inquire if the form 3921 is to be revised for repurchase but they said that the one which shows all 100 stock options as exercised is accurate.

How do I report this buyback/repurchase of 20 stock options in TurboTax. I have the Premium version which I believe should be sufficient.


Thanks for all the help.

- Roy