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Bug Report- Form 8938 - Incorrect totals

Hi - 

When you have multiple foreign accounts that must be reported on Form 8938, the system does not calculate the proper total on the main form.  If you add a continuation worksheets for additional accounts, or change individual balances, the total value of all the accounts shown on the main form does not update.  


Anyone who has to file FBARs and complete these forms knows the IRS will expect these things to be consistent. 


Temporary fix:  delete all form 8938s and worksheets.  Add worksheets first - fill them out - do not complete for 8938 - the system then pulls in the correct totals.


As a US citizen living as a foreign resident filing US taxes for 20 years, it has been clear to me that the QA  team at Intuit do not test these aspects of the system very carefully.  Every year I have to delete and re-do forms as the Step by Step fails.  I understand we represent a very small percentage of users, but I have had to become a tax expert due to TurbotTax not really knowing how to handle forms 1116, 2555 and 8938 properly.