Writing off temporary non-reimbursed job transfer
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Writing off temporary non-reimbursed job transfer

I took a temporary Transfer with my Federal Job. All my payroll is still at the home office where I live and not counted as living in a new state How do I write off the travel and additional cost associated with this temporary transfer such as miles to driver here, additional mileage each day to and from the temporary job site, additional fuel cost, housing cost etc. None of which is reimbursed by my job, and all of my normal cost are up as I live in SC, but am in OC of California. Transferred here as of September 2020 and leaving April 27th 2021. So I have 4 months of transfer and cost to write off in 2020

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Writing off temporary non-reimbursed job transfer

Unfortunately, if you are a W-2 employee you cannot deduct any job-related expenses on your federal return --job-related expenses have not been deductible on federal returns for W-2 employees since the tax laws changed for 2018 and beyond.   And moving expenses are not deductible except for certain active duty members of the military.    Your state laws might be different.



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