Reactivating my account
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Reactivating my account

Why I’m the [removed] did y’all deactivate my debit card knowing I get my taxes on this card every year and I got my last stimulus check on here but now that they send out a second one my card deactivated. I can’t login to turbo tax debit card app because I don’t know my password or user name so when I try to request either of those or asks for my social number and turbo tax card number but guess what y’all delete my account and everytime I try to call the number guess what y’all hang up don’t say nothing just pick up and hang up do y’all [removed] job... I’m pretty sure I’m not filing through turbo tax this year too many [removed] problems and you can’t get not one specialist to answer the phone or help you [removed] crazy anybody know what I can do cause apparently my money is just floating around now I got the card right here in my hand but they deactivated my [removed]

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