Installing TurboTax
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Installing TurboTax

I purchased a downloaded copy of Turbo 
Tax Home and Business (2020) and attempted to load it on to my computer.  After downloading I come to a point where the computer tells me the program is now loaded and the Turbo Tax APP shows on screen.  It then goes to a blank white square which contains the words "activating" and stops there.  No further activity takes place.  After attempting to load the program in this way I gave up and purchased a cd-rom copy of the program from Staples and attempted again.  The same thing happened.  I erased earlier program attempts and restarted at least five times.  I have had no success in getting this program to load.  I am using an HP computer with Windows 10 operating system.  I bought this parfticularly for this program as by earlier HP with Windows 7 told me your programs were not supported by that operating system.  What do I do now?  Buy another brand?


Louis [last name removed] ([email address removed])

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Installing TurboTax

Another user posted this fix.  See if it works for you -


  • change your resolution to 800 x 600 (start>setting >system resolution. once it's been changed, your screen size will look very big. REMEMBER your initial resolution setting!
  • launch TT and the activation screen should launch.  copy / paste in your activation code. you should get the 'all set' green check mark
  • change your resolution back to what is was originally. 
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Installing TurboTax

I can't get 2020 TurboTax to download into my computer

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