E File Amended Return
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E File Amended Return

Hello Turbo Tax team. I need to amend my 2020 return because I missed the recovery rebate credit when I e-filed. I have 3 questions.


1. What is the deadline (last chance) to claim recovery rebate credit by filing an amended return?


2. If I e-file the amended return can the refund be direct deposit or will a refund from amended return be by paper check, sent by mail only, regardless if the 1040X was e filed?

3. I also received unemployment  in 2020 and claimed the full amount as income when I filed 2020. When preparing the Amended return to claim recovery rebate credit Turbo Tax is adjusting my Unemployment income by -$10,200 without my asking for that to happen. This results in a lower ‘tax’ on 1040X line 6 but the lower tax on line 6 is not changing  my refund at all and the refund is just $1800 (1200 + 600) which is the Recovery Rebate I was after. I have seen the IRS publications to NOT  amend a return for the -$10,200 unemployment adjustment. Just asking if I should be concerned.

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