Level 4

Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I filed with turbo tax a few years in a row with little to no hiccups.  This year I selected the free version because I file with a w-2 and honestly don't have too much information to input so I only need the most basic version.  When I selected this option I did not understand the repercussion to choosing this option would be losing all my previous information.  Now, even under my same account, I cannot access any old information, including my AGI, which is obviously essential in filing this year.  I have tried selecting the deluxe version and keep getting bumped pages.  I have already paid a $30 fee for getting my full state refund, and would be willing to pay for a version that retrieves my information, but that option has been taken away now.  I am thoroughly confused and frustrated and on a timeline, obviously!  PLEASE HELP