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We always use TurboTax to do our taxes. We are retired, have hardly any income, primarily just Social Security. We stupidly had Federal & State taxes taken out of that--big mistake. This year we had a problem with that and it's costing us dearly. We got a letter from IRS stating we had entered the wrong amount of taxes paid on line 64--they said we entered $7,000,250.00! Checked with TT & they assured us we did nothing wrong, that it was a clerical mistake at the IRS. Nevertheless, we were forced to copy and MAIL all applicable forms to prove how much income we had for the year. After waiting three weeks, today we received another letter from the IRS stating that now we have to mail the same forms as we already sent three weeks ago to prove that we actually had that much withdrawn on line 64. This time they listed the correct amount on line 64, but my question is--since we already sent those same forms stating the correct amounts, why should we send them all over again, thus initiating another 6-8 weeks of waiting for our refund? Why should we have to suffer for THEIR mistake? Is there anything at all we can do to expedite things so we can get our refund now? I would appreciate any advice that might help our situation. As it is, we are being charged interest on the loan we had planned to pay off using our refund, which has never arrived after we sent it the first day it was legal to file, which we did electronically.