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Yeah, I typed in what in the Line 1 amount to the Line 2a. It doesn't affect any of my tax refunds! 

my situation is a little different I guess, let me explain what has happened. 


In 2018,  former employer switched 401k plan with a different company (i.e. A) they transfer all my 401k money to a new company (i.e. B) before I left. Long time I had unemployed some reason, later  I got the notice from a new company (B) my 401k money has transferred. I contacted them they said it's now with an old company (A) and I withdrew from a company (A) with all early withdraw fees, penalty and taxes, now I got 1099-R from a new company and payers' name is a new company (B) only amount in Line 1: xxx.xx, Line 2a: $00.00, Line 7 Distribution code: G and other fields all empty.


Here's a confusion for me, when I try to put my information into TurboTax 1099-R  section there are a bunch of fields and only, I have a few fields has a value, at this time should I leave empty there as well or need to contact again who send me the 1099-R?


If there is any mistake and not understanding my situation let me know. I'm ready to updates.