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First of all, I did not receive 1099-K, as far as I made < 20k but 1099-MISC and Yearly Summary.

I'm confused about this line: All items marked with a * may be tax deductible. Please explain what that means ?. And which one I should 

Currently, I have entered Gross Trip Earnings and Total Additional Earning (from MISC-1099) as income

I took the standard deduction based on online mileage (provided by Uber) + miles between pickups (personal calculation) as a result 8235$ are deductible + 600 cellphone expense, that it. The part I'm really confused is should I enter Uber Service Fee/Other Adjustment +  Booking Fee + Airport and/or City Fee Paid by Uber or Subsidiaries as expenses?. Or which one I can deduct. I hope I'm clear this time. Thank you.