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Other tax discussions

If your dependent (s) earned more than $1,050 of W-2 income, then they are required by law to file their own tax return. That does not negate you claiming them as your dependents either.

Each child will prepare their own tax return. When they do, they*MUST* select the option for "I can be claimed on someone else's return". If they do not select that option, then you can not claim them as dependents on your return, and you will have issues with your SSI.

Note that since each child's earnings are less than $12,000, all withheld taxes in box 2 of their individual W-2's will be refunded to them. (Medicare and Social Security, boxes 4 and 6 are never refunded.)

Note that your kids will qualify to use the "free" version of TurboTax online, or they can use the completely different freedom version at https://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/  Just keep in mind that for each tax return completed with "ANY" online version of the program, a separate online account is required. One account, one return. That's it. But it's no problem for you to create a maximum of 5 separate accounts under one e-mail address.

If you complete a second return in the same account as you do the first return, then the first return will be over written and lost forever, with no possibility of recovering it. So remember, one account, one return. That's it.