Level 2

After you file

 FYI, I am planning to write many reviews of your service after this years taxes and you have a choice in how positive or negative it will be.  You need to refund the charges in my account for this year, since I now have to hire a tax accountant to redo all my taxes and am leaving you as a customer for the below reason:
Without notice to me or my ex-husband, neither of us were able to claim child deductions and lost out on quite a bit of our tax refunds.  Then without so much as a sorry, there is a little text box WITHOUT any help, telling us we have to do those deductions by paper.
Now if you don't:
a) Apologize for this change, apologize for no notification when I started up my taxes AND apologize lack of service and loss of money after I have been a customer for many years
b) Refund what I paid for having my Turbo taxes this year since I now have to pay a tax accountant to redo my taxes.
I plan on putting a very honest and of course negative review ensuring that as much as is within my power to ensure no one else sign up for your service or to help my friends and family leave TurboTax.
Thank you, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say for yourselves.