Level 3

After you file

I needed to file an extension for Federal 2017 taxes and it succeeded and zeroed the tax due for federal.  It printed a page I sent in along with my estimated tax due for federal. However for California you do not need to send a form (4868) like for federal because you get an automatic 5 or 6 month extension.  I paid the CA tax due online before deadline (its required even if extending). 

In turbotax the tax due still shows.  How do I clear or zero it before printing or completing the taxes?  It still shows the tax due but I paid it online separate from turbotax.  I don't want a printed tax form to show a tax due.

I had to extend because my daughter who was a dependent last year and in school filed this year but didn't check that little box "someone can claim you on their taxes..." so my returns were rejected. She file an amendment back then before april 16 and I am waiting for them to clear so I can re-submit my taxes including her as a dependent. She is on her own this year and out of school so 2018 texes I will have to remove her as a dependent but not for 2017 taxes.