Level 6

After you file

I was finally able to access both boxes on the IP PIN page and get my returns filed successfully but I was late thanks to the flawed Turbo Tax software. When I initially clicked on the Fix My Return box after the 1st rejection, the IP PIN page provided only 1 box so I entered my husband's pin thinking I would hit Next and Turbo Tax would take me to another page for my pin. It did not and it efiled automatically, which is why I got rejected a 2nd time.  24 hours later, I received the reject notice and I clicked on the Fix My Return box again. I was not taken to the IP PIN page automatically like the day before; I could not find the IP PIN page, went through my returns again and inadvertently efiled again realizing that the returns would be rejected again. This time, I went through the Help section again, was finally able to locate the IP PIN page, which had boxes for both spouses (this time) and entered my Pin, efiled and my returns were finally accepted but I was now late.  I want to know how to get a refund from Turbo Tax for the flaw in the software by not providing me with the proper IP PIN page for entry of both spouses' boxes for pin numbers after the first rejection. I would have been able to file my returns on time had it not been for this glitch in the Turbo Tax software. Trust me, had there been two boxes for both spouses' IP PIN on the page, I would have entered both pins. Yes, I wrongfully assumed that since only 1 box was provided on the page I was taken to after the 1st rejection, that perhaps the IRS only needed one pin but I had to wait another 24 hours for the rejection notice. Turbo Tax owes me $99 for this glitch. I will be publicizing this flaw on social media if not reimbursed properly. Thank you.