Level 9

After you file

I know it is super frusterating. I called and they told me nothing was wrong either. Think of getting your approval like the lottery almost. Never know who’s going to win the lottery right? They do it In batches. So that’s why it doesn’t matter how early you file. It’s super stressful seeing other people get their refunds and change in their wmr.

But seriously I’m just waiting I am checking everyday, but the guy told me on the 23rd it would be updated. So I’m just waiting for Saturday

I listened to people say there was going to be a big update last night, also on Wednesday morning, also on Tuesday because of the holiday, also last week.

None of that was true, and I get people are just trying to help. But if you really don’t know what is going on just don’t say anything.

I told the guy at the irs that many people claiming the credit that I do have their return. He was like well yeah but yours hasn’t been done officially yet. That’s why you are given that message. Because it is processing and someone is doing the 1040. Just be patient.

If I don’t see anything on Saturday, I will be calling again on Monday.
Let’s just hope for the best for Saturday and pray we all get updated it’s a stressful time and my **bleep** head hurts from wondering but I’m going to try to stay calm.