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Intuit "Turbo" Financial Health - wrong about percent spent on housing ...

I live in Palo Alto in a broken down home but there was a step-up in home value when I bought the house and guess what?  Turbo says that I am so healthy, I only pay 10% monthly in debt service on my home.  Did you guys think to also consider my property taxes?  I pay 17% monthly including property taxes!  I think you should look at the bigger picture (and not just the standard things that drive the bank loan-making business ...)

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Intuit Turbo support

Hi there, 


Thanks so much for your comment as we always love both honest feedback and hearing from our customers! Our Turbo team is continuing to look at new opportunities to improve customers' Debt to Income ratio calculations and I've passed along your feedback around also include property taxes to our Turbo team.