Level 4

Financial Learning Curve

I learned tons from my parents, but almost nothing about money. I ended up getting my handle on my finances through a lot of trial and error (mostly error). I mean I've seen it all: spending more than I make, letting my credit score drop, not contributing to savings like I should when I'd get the biggest gains from compound interest....I can go on. 


Anyone have a playbook or template they used right out of the gate? 50 - 30 - 20 rule or something like that they could help others avoid those pitfalls? My little brother just finished college and I'd love to help him sidestep my mistakes. 


Thanks in advance!

Level 3

Your money stories

If you “Google” “Best books on personal finance management”, you will find a whole library of playbooks.
Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman are two of the more prominent authors/broadcasters on the subject, so you may consider starting with them.


Good Luck,