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Accidentally filed as a non filers when I already filed my 2019 Tax return in February

I accidentally filed as a non/filers in order to receive my stimulus. I had already filed my 2019 taxes back in February and received my return. It’s my very first time time filing my own taxes. So I didn’t realize that I was not supposed to file as a Non/filer. I was emailed back an error message that said they could not accept my application with error code. (R0000-902-01). So I didn’t take any further steps. I religiously check the Get My Payment on the IRS but it’s still saying my status is unavailable. So At this point I’m really desperate in know it’s I completely ruined my changes of getting a stimulus payment ? I would really appreciate any help or insight please. I’m begging.

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You should get it after your 2019 tax return has been totally processed.


**NOTE*** Due to the Corona virus the IRS is operating short staffed. All field offices are closed and some processing centers are all but closed. Any tax return that requires hand processing will probably have long delays. Mailed returns are not being processed at all at this time. Most phone service has been curtailed.

TurboTax only gives the general IRS (most returns are processed within 21 days) date. The actual date is known only by the IRS. TurboTax also does not adjust the general date for anything on the tax return. TurboTax receives no feedback from the IRS after filing.

The IRS says most refunds will be issued within 21 days - some faster, some longer.

Each tax return is evaluated on it's own merits. There is no first-in-first-out. Two similar tax return submitted at the same time can have totally different processing times based on IRS criteria for examining tax returns that the IRS does not divulge.

Some returns will be held for ID verification or other verification. The IRS will send a letter if they require more information to process your tax return.

Check your refund stratus here:

If it says "Tax Topic 152" then that is only general refund information.

Check your state refund here:

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