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I am experiencing the same situation. Per the IRS website, my stimulus was to be deposited on April 15th, to my turbo card account,  but is no where to be found.  This is not acceptable!  There has to be thousands and thousands of Turbo card holders and familys who's quality of life and well being at this time quite literally DEPENDS SOLELY on this stimulus check!  **Get your act together TURBO card!**

This has class action lawsuit written all over it! I'll make it a point to skim the info on what the criteria is to start one while I try to figure out how in the hell I'm going to be able to speak to a  Turbo card representative to find out where my money is at. This is not okay. They provide a service, to which they expect us to pay their fees and do our part as customers, but THEY have business standards that they have to live up to as well. 

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