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VA Benefits effects to IRS taxes.

The IRS is reporting 0.00 income to all credit bureaus to reflecting them as debts owed leaving me a negative amount. My VA Benefits are tax exempt, I don’t have a tax return to file. In this situation, I went about opening a business. When doing so I of course needed to borrow money for staff, equipment, products used, office stuff, etc. I had a hardship in 2018, missed a month payment contact all creditors made up amounts behind and zero interest closed account paying at a agreed amount. 2019 February I am in contract for 20acres to purchase for the business. At a ridiculous price from a investor. 7 months went by I’ve paid off and paid down on everything and my credit score is still going down realtors are concern we negotiate a owner finance for half the amount. You want to know. I know I’m going to wait. And the contract is in. We’re in the 5-6 months and my credit score is worst. Figured it out that the IRS or y’all are reporting to the credit bureaus my income. With no 2018 tax return filed reflects debts on the credit report or no income paying customer. Unable to borrow money needed of 75k, low credit and 90k of equity on my home. I am at a obseen amount of business planned projected amounts. You want my business plan gladly will provide it. I am at my stopping point. I’ve used so much of my money and labor time. I can’t do it. I’m physically hurt. I’ve talked to the credit bureaus and theyre doing whatever they say. Dispute stuff. The damages are done. Please understand the tax filing income system is not for the public display of debt without truly knowing their income status. This has truly ruined all my lost time and money spent and business planned projected income. 

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Tax help for military filers

The IRS nor TurboTax/Intuit report your income to any of the credit bureaus.  As you stated VA disability benefits are not reported on a tax return.


If there are errors on your credit report then you MUST dispute those errors, no one else can do that for you.


Go to this IRS website to view your tax account to see if you have a tax balance that has not been paid -

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Tax help for military filers

The IRS is reporting 0.00 income to all credit bureaus to reflecting them as debts owed leaving me a negative amount.

That just doesn't make sense. If the amount reported to the credit agency is zero dollars and zero cents, where is the "negative amount" in there? Just a rhetorical question really, because the IRS doesn't report anything to any credit reporting agency. In fact, I'm not sure they bother with that even if you owe back taxes.

If there is incorrect information on your credit report, then it's up to you to deal with it. You have to pull your report from each of the three credit reporting agencies separately, and then challenge/dispute each separately.

For Transunion start at

For Experian start at

For Equifax start at

Now you will have to read the information presented so you will know where to click for information/procedures on challenging/disputing incorrect information on your credit report. Remember, it's *your* credit, and nobody else will do this for you. It's all up to you.