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Hello, I am an American living in Germany with my German husband. We file our taxes together in Germany, but I haven't filed in the US in 4 years. What can I do?

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Tax help for military filers

  1. As a US citizen, you are required to report worldwide income on your US taxes.  If you meet certain requirements, you can exclude your foreign income.  See Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.  The maximum exclusion is $103,900 for 2018.  If you pay taxes to Germany on the same amount of money you report on your US taxes, you can claim a foreign tax credit.  
  2. For instructions on how to enter in TurboTax online edition, see Foreign Income  and Foreign Tax Credit
  3. If you want to file with TurboTax, you will have to purchase the past years' products.  See TT past year products.  or you can download the past years' forms from the IRS website.