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I had my 75 year old mother move in with me to help take care of my disabled daughter and my grandson and I paid her $100 bi-weekly. My question is should I use my mother as a dependent as well? I ask

I am the Head of Household so I NEED to know if I can use my 75 year old mother as a Dependent, eventhough I paid her for helping me provide care for my DISABLED daughter and my now 3 year old Grandso
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To claim your mom as a dependent:

  1. You would need to provide more than 1/2 of her support.
  2. Her earned income should be less than $4200.

The money you pay her to babysit are not counted in her support, but are money she uses to pay for her own support. The money you pay plus all her other income should be less than $4200 (Social Security income generally doesn't count here.)

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