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Do I amend 2017 return for 2018 1099-R of a Roth IRA excess contribution made in 2017 which was was removed in 2018? The excess contribution made earnings.

I made excessive contributions to a Roth IRA in 2017. Before I filed my 2017 last year I removed the excessive contribution in Feb 2018 and my brokerage reported earnings on those excessive contributions. I reported the net contributions in the 2017 return (removing the excess contribution), but I didn’t report the earnings. 

Now in 2019,  I received a 2018 1099-R showing the $xxxx contribution with $yyy earnings with a PJ code for that excess contribution.  Do I amend my 2017 return to report the $yyy earnings in that 1099-R? Do I also report that 1099-R in my 2018 return even though I am amending 2017 return? 

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