Icbonazza: You did not say exactly which site you ...
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Retirement tax questions

Icbonazza: You did not say exactly which site you used, so I'm guessing that you may have used the wrong form or the wrong numbers in the correct form. The form I mentioned above, https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040a.pdf has a disclaimer regarding who is eligible to use it. Make certain that you are using the correct form, and double check all the numbers you used. Also, be sure to read the "Before You Begin" instructions at the top of page 30. (I would trust TurboTax.) The above form has the following exception on page 29: Exception. Don't use the Social Security Benefits Worksheet if any of the following applies. You made contributions to a traditional IRA for 2016 and you or your spouse were covered by a retirement plan at work. Instead, use the worksheets in Pub. 590-A to see if any of your social security benefits are taxable and to figure your IRA deduction.
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