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How do I call out the excess 401k contribution to pass smartcheck which says I must change my W2 amount? Capturing as other uncommon income didn't work.

 I have paid for the efiling for State, but I am in an endless loop for efiling my state and federal taxes.  

I contributed more than the 18,500 in 2018.  The W2 is correct.  I press "transmit returns" - and turbotax tells me that I should change the W2 amount showing the excess contribution.  I can't change the W2.  

Looking at other support emails, I then tried capturing the excess contribution in the less common income section which other support emails have said is used to capture this and called out "Excess 401K contribution" in the description field as well as the overpayment amount. 

However, that did nothing to stop the endless loop.   I've already paid for the state efile.  What is the workaround? If none, how do I get my refunds for the state efile?

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You should NOT change any W-2 information. The IRS gets a copy from the employer and what you report must match. In addition if the W-2 box 1 amount is less the the box 3 amount the difference must be accounted for in box 12 - if not, that could be a "red-flag" audit trigger.

TurboTax has released a FAQ on this issue - the workaround answer is to print and mail the return.
Excess 401(k) Contribution Preventing e-File

For a refund of state filing contact Customer Support.

Here is a TurboTax FAQ for contacting customer support.

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