If you answer no to the 401(k) to Roth 401(k) roll...
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Retirement tax questions

If you answer no to the 401(k) to Roth 401(k) rollover questions and have code G in box 7 then TurboTax will assume it was rolled over into a traditional IRA. 

Please be aware that the whole distribution will show as income on the summary screen which shows gross income, not taxable income. To verify that the entry is correct please look at form 1040 line 4b (taxable amount), it should be 0 and have the words ROLLOVER next to it.

Please be aware that when you are working in the amendment, your refund meter resets to $0. Then, after you enter your information, if your amendment refund meter shows a green, positive amount, then you will receive that as an additional refund from the amendment. However, if it shows a gray amount due, then you will need to pay that when you mail your amendment. If this is the case, you can wait until your original refund arrives before paying the amount with amending.

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