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How do I tell TurboTax that the 1099-R is for Traditional and Roth IRA distributions? The software is notifying me distributions are for Pension & Annuity distributions.

I have two 1099-R distributions.

1. Traditional 401k to IRA (Distribution Code G & IRA / SEP / SIMPLE unchecked)
2. Roth 401K to Roth IRA (Distribution code H & IRA / SEP /SIMPLE unchecked).

The system continues to notify me that my distribution is for pension & annuity, but this is not the case. I am not able to get the system to identify this is for Traditional & Roth distribution. 

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You've indicated that the distributions were taken from your 401(k) traditional and Roth pension plans. The Codes G and H indicate that the distributions were directly rolled over into other accounts (see the FAQ below). TurboTax is correctly identifying the transactions because the funds have moved from your 401(k) pension plans to your IRAs. 

What do all the codes in Box 7 of the 1099-R mean?