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How to use TT to file my return this year when I withdraw excessive contribution to my HSA for both 2015 and 2016?

I over contributed to my HSA in 2015 and I paid my 6% penalty with a 1040-X. Upon my request my HSA bank withdraw my excess contribution on April 8th 2016 and reapply those money directly to my 2016 HSA(I know I didn't need to pay the 6% since the withdraw was in time but I was not aware of that at that time). Not aware the extra contribution in my account, I over contributed again in 2016. The excess contribution for 2016 was withdraw as check as "Refund of Excess Contribution Tax Year 2016" on April 10th 2017. I had a 1099sa for the "Refund of Excess Contribution Tax Year 2015" but not for 2016 yet. How should I use TT to file my return for this year to close the this excessive contribution issue?