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How can I add the expenses for a book I wrote? Expenses <$600. Royalties < $100. I do not need TurboTax Self-employed bec no need for Schedule C if exp<$1000.

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If you are currently in the business of being a writer, then your income and expenses would be reported on Schedule C and subject to self-employment tax.  The income would include any royalties you received for past published works. 

Only if you are not in the business of being a writer and are simply receiving royalty income for past published works, then your royalty income is reported on Schedule E and is not subject to self-employment tax. 

Based on your need to include expenses for your book, you will need to use Schedule C (or Schedule C-EZ) to report the income and expenses. 

In order to complete either type of Schedule C, you will need TurboTax self-employed online or the CD/downloaded version of TurboTax.