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I work for the military overseas and my home of record is Virginia. I have not lived in VA all year but own a rental property there. Am I considered a full or part year r

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If you are military, you are VA resident. Your SLR (home of record) state is considered your resident state as long as you are on active duty. Even if you are stationed in another state, you’re still considered a resident of your SLR state.  In TurboTax, when going through Personal Info section, be sure to select that you a member of U.S. Armed Forces and select VA in the Tell us the state(s) you live in section.  

If you are a civilian working for the military, your residency depends on other factors. You are a resident if your permanent home is in VA.  The permanent home is where, whenever absent, the taxpayer intends to return. If that is your case, you are a full year resident of VA.

IF that is not your case and you moved out of VA during any time in 2016, you are a part-year resident. You are a nonresident if you haven't lived in VA all year and did not have a  permanent home there and are not intending to return. 

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