Level 15


If you have more than $90K earned income if filing single, or $180K of earned income if filing joint, then you don't qualify for "ANY" education credits what-so-ever. Therefore, you have no need to enter anything in the Education section of the program at all, unless you have any 529 distributions.

since I need to offset the 1099q 529

Now you will have to enter that income, as it's perfectly possible that you "MAY" (or may not) have to pay tax on that distribution because of your earnings being over the threshold. Weather or not you pay tax on it depends on many factors, including what that distribution was used for. I'm not sure, but if the 529 funds were "not" used for the qualified expenses of tuition, books and lab fees, but were instead used for room & board, then I *think* you won't have to pay taxes on it. It's also possible I got that backwards. So enter it both ways to see which is better for you tax-wise.