Is a 1098- T form the proper form to write off rea...
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Is a 1098- T form the proper form to write off real estate school course?

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The 1098-T is a proper form if you received one. You would enter the information from the form in the education section and see if you can qualify for an education credit. If you don't have the form, you can't just fill it out. You must say in TurboTax that you didn't receive the form and you will be asked why. You will then continue through the interview. 

If you are already a real estate agent, you can write off the course cost as your work expenses; they are deducted as job-related expenses if you are an employee or as your "business" expenses if you are self-employed (as most real estate agents are). If you took the course to become an agent, the cost is not deductible as work-related education, but you can continue with the data entry in the education section as I explained above.

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