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Filling out form 8863 on turbotax. Received 2016 1098-T from my college but I graduated May 2016 and they included spring 2016 tuition to 2015 1098-T. I am paying loans.

I am paying my students loans right and really stressed out. I should be getting education credit filling out a 8863 form but turbotax isn't showing that form in order for me to enter detailed information of 2016 tuition fees and loans. Also, I just graduated this May of 2016 and they sent me my 2016 1098-T which showed in box 2 that my tuition for 2016 was not included, instead it was included in my 2015 1098-T but the tuition was still charged when I registered for classes in 2016 so that's why I need this 8863 form so I indicate what was actually charged to me during 2016. Please help. Where can I do this?
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Since the school billed in December 2015 for classes that started in January 2016, you will need to make a copy of your school account statement to see when the expenses were paid.

If they were paid in 2015, you cannot claim them on your 2016 tax year return.

If they were paid in 2016, you can claim those expenses.

Enter the 2016 1098-T as the school reported it, but click the link below box 2 that asks "What if this is not what I paid?" and enter what was paid to the school. This includes scholarships, grants, gifts, loans, and cash.

Continue through the screens to add additional expenses, such as books and supplies, as well as any other tax-free assistance you may have received.

Keep a copy of the student's statement with your tax file.

Enter under:

Federal Taxes

Deductions & Credits

Scroll down to "Education"    Show more

"Expenses and Scholarships (Form 1098-T)"   Start


Type   education expenses   into the search box

Click "Jump to education expenses"

CLICK HERE for IRS Pub 970 Tax Benefits for Education

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