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Can I split the 1098t between two returns?

I am a dependent that is required to file taxes (Single status with wages from job of $7,500) I am a full time enrolled undergraduate that has received a 1098T with qualified education expenses (Box 2) billed for $7,300. The amount I received for scholarships and grants (Box 5) totals $11,200. My understanding is that because I am dependent, I cannot claim education exemptions. Therefore my parents entered my 1098T information for education credit purposes on their tax return.  Because I am also required to file taxes, I must include the grants received on my return as income. My question is can my parents claim the education expenses from the 1098t and I show the grant income from the same 1098t seperately on my return.  In effect, split the 1098t between both returns? In addition, since the education credit is limited to $2500, can we only use qualifying tuition of $2500 on my parents return and the remainder from box 2 to offset the income on my return? Thank you for your advice and time

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No, the information on a 1098-T can not be split between 2 returns.  If your parents are claiming you on their return then they would be allowed to enter the 1098-T on their return otherwise if they are not claiming you and you are going file a tax return then you would be allowed to claim the information on the 1098-T.

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