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I have a red ! to the left of a K-1 on my 1040 list of forms. Also my AZ 140 has the same marks next to Form 140 and Cap Gain Wks. I can't figure out what is wrong.

On my Federal K-1 under Part III, Line 3 I have 44 entered which is exactly what my K-1 Form 1065 shows, but it is highlighted in red as if it is in error.

My Arizona Form 140 has on line 14 (partnership income adjustment) 126 highlighted in red.  Also on the AZ capital gains worksheet line 8, column (a) is blank, but is highlighted in red.

How can I figure out what is wrong?

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In the top right hand corner of turbo tax, in the blue strip, there are 3 icons: forms, flags, notifications. Clicking "forms" toggles you back & forth between the forms view & step-by-step view.  My suggestion is to go into the forms view where you can look at the underlying forms & worksheets filled in when you go through the step-by-step method.  The list of forms down the left hand side are all the forms that have been "opened" in the process of doing your return. There will be a red exclamation mark ! next to the form that has the error. I find it is usually quicker/easier for me to locate what is causing the issue that way as the worksheets show the steps leading to the number entered on the tax return itself.  Hope this helps you fix your issue