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Need help deleting a w-2

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If you have not yet filed your return, do the following:


  • Open your tax return in TurboTax
  • Make sure you have a printed copy of your W-2 (or the information on it, anyway)
  • Search (upper right) for W-2 and click on the jump-to link
  • You should be looking at the table of all your W-2(s)(maybe only one entry)
  • Click on the trashcan icon or delete button to delete the old W-2
  • Click on Add a W-2
  • Skip the screen that asks for the EIN
  • When TurboTax asks on the next screen do you really want to skip the import, answer that you will type it in yourself
  • On the next screen, enter all the information from your W-2 (including the EIN)

By doing the process this way, you ensure that you have removed anything wrong from the old W-2, and have started fresh.




If you have already e-filed, then you will probably have to amend your return to delete a W-2.



The form (1040X) is not ready yet, but since your return will need to be processed before amending and since the IRS did not start accepting e-files for processing until January 27th, you shouldn't amend your return for at least a few weeks.


Please watch this link (TurboTax FAQ on Amending Returns), and when the instructions for amending 2019 returns appear, you can start the amendment process then.


Using the instructions for amending your return, open your TurboTax return, Search for W-2, jump to the jump-to result, and do the bulleted instructions above.


NOTE: this is a good reason to not e-file your return before the IRS opens up e-filing, because the time lag gives you a chance to make any corrections to your return before you actually file. Once you e-file the return, it is too late to change without amending the return instead.


NOTE NOTE: if by chance your e-file is rejected by the IRS, then you will have a chance to add your W-2 and then try to e-file again. Watch the status of your return.



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