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Where in turbo tax do I report - Interest Box 8 and Box 13 - Dividends Box 11 and box 12?

I have 1099 INT with amounts in boxes 8 and 13 which are Tax Exempt Interest and Bond Premium on Tax Exempt Bond. Where in turbo Tax do I report these amounts?  I also have 1099 DIV with amounts in boxes 11 and 12 which are Exempt Interest Dividends and Specified Private Activity Bond Interest Dividends, respectively. Where in Turbo Tax do I report these amounts?

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Please follow these instructions to add Lines 8-13 to your Form 1099-INT's in :

  • Open your return
  • Click the "Wages & Income" tab
  • Click "I'll Choose What I Work On"
  • Scroll down to "Interest and Dividends"
  • Click "Start/Update" next to "Interest on 1099-INT"
  • Click "Edit" next to your Form 1099-INT that has boxes 8-13 
  • Directly underneath the payer of the interest, check the box "My form has info more than just Box 1"
  • From here these boxes will pop up for you to fill in your information
  • The process is the same for your Form 1099-DIV. Just click "Edit" next to the one you need to add this information to

If you need additional assistance, please comment below so that I can assist you further.

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