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How do I use the performing artist deduction. Its not prompting me in Turbo Tax

this is for turbo tax 2016.  In 2015 turbo tax automatically prompted me but it is not doing it this time in 2016.  I checked and I qualify.  Is there a way to go directly to that section in Turbo Tax?

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Deductions & credits

You will find this deduction under the Job-Related Expenses category (Federal Taxes -> Deductions and Credits -> Employment Expenses -> Job-Related Expenses.  You can also use the search function inside the program and search for "2106" and this will bring you directly to the job-related expense category section.

  • Begin the section by answering all the appropriate questions and entering all your expenses into the categories presented.  
  • After you enter your expenses, you will get to a screen that asks “Any Special situations?” and “A Qualified Performing Artist” will be one of the options.
  • Select Yes and proceed to the next screen where the program will ask “Did your job-related expenses fall into any of these categories?
  • Enter the amount of the job-related expenses that you have entered that qualify as performing artist expenses.
  • Proceed with the rest of the section
  • You should now see your qualifying performing artist expenses as an adjustment to your Form 1040 on line 24

Just to review and for information:

Qualified performing artist.

You are a qualified performing artist if you:
  1. Performed services in the performing arts as an employee for at least two employers during the tax year,
  2. Received from at least two of those employers wages of $200 or more per employer,
  3. Had allowable business expenses attributable to the performing arts of more than 10% of gross income from the performing arts, and
  4. Had adjusted gross income of $16,000 or less before deducting expenses as a performing artist.
For more information, see Form 2106 Instructions