Level 3

Deductions & credits

Wow, that's a lot to take in.   I am on his HDHP health insurance and nothing else. (Neither of us has hit Medicare yet.)

I was actually on the phone with someone from TurboTax when your answer came in, because I had called with a question about a problem with the website itself, but she ended up turning me over to a tax professional.   

I had read elsewhere (on top of the 10 pages I printed out from IRS.gov) that he and I could *both* set up separate single accounts and take $1K catch-ups for all three.  Don't know if that's legit and not particularly looking for every loophole.  At first Kelly, the TT woman with whom I just spoke, said I couldn't do what you said, then, when I started reading to her from your first reply, above, she said I could but still left me befuddled.

If I open a separate HSA in my name, will the one in my husband's name still be a family account?  I'm assuming that if I open an HSA in my name, I'm the only one who can use the money from it.   Will I also still be able to take distributions from his?

If I open my own with $1,000 after-tax dollars, will that amount be deductible when I file because it's catch-up, even if I don't (probably can't) add anything else for 2017?