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Deductions & credits

I'll lead you down the path to enter.  When you get there you can make sure the amount wasn't automatically entered from your W-2, it probably won't be there. 

1.  Go to Federal, then Deductions and Credits.

2.  Select Charitable Donations, you'll see Donations to Charity in 2017, select.

3.  Answer YES, you want to make donations.

4.  Add the name of your charity, United Way.

5.  Click ADD Money.

6.  Choose that you donated multiple times, same amount.

7.  Enter amount of each donation (7.10) and the number of times (52).

8. Click on Done with this Donation.

The next page is a Summary Page of all your Donations. This is where you'd see another entry if your information from your W-2 automatically entered.  You can Delete one of them if it is there.