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I was a full time Uber/Lyft driver in 2016. Please let me know where should I type in the cost of {gasoline, car insurance, car wash, fixing vehicle}?

Under Business Income and Expenses> Business Expenses..
Business Vehicle Expense...There is no section for the cost above.
Other Common Business Expenses.... There is no appropriate sections.
Other Miscellaneous Expenses..... Should I type in here?
Please let me know specific location.
Thank you for your kind support,
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Deductions & credits

The two types of vehicle deductions you may take are standard and actual deductions.  The standard deduction is based on mileage driven while the actual is based on the expenses you listed (gasoline, insurance, maintenance, etc.)  

It sounds like you selected the standard deduction.  You may revisit the vehicle section and select actual expenses to enter the expenses you listed and TurboTax will help you select which one gives you the most money back.