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Is this right. It didn't ask for any income, dontation amount church donation etc etc.

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Deductions & credits

Have you submitted your return yet? If you have these items, they can be entered into TurboTax. 

If you haven't yet submitted your return, you can go back and enter them by clicking on Federal on the left-hand side of your screen. Then, on the top, there should be a row of options (Wages & Income, Deductions & Credits, etc) 

To enter your income, select Wages & Income and scroll down beneath the items highlighted in blue. You should have a full list of all of your options, or an option to see the entire list. W-2 income can be entered under Wages and Salaries (see screenshot below)

Once you are done with entering your income, the next step would be Deductions & Credits. When you view the full list, Charitable Donations can be found on this list (please see screenshot)

If you have any other items or forms that you'd like help locating, please leave them in a comment below and I can help you find them. 

If you have already submitted your return: if it gets rejected then you can go in and make the necessary changes and resubmit. If it is accepted, you will need to amend your return after you have received your refund. The link below will take you to a guide with the instructions on how to amend. The 2018 instructions will be added to this guide once the IRS has released the current form 1040X. 

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