The question is whether or not your employer reduc...
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The question is whether or not your employer reduces your Wages on the W-2 by the $150 every 2 weeks. That is, the amount with the W is not taxable, so the employer removed it from Wages in box 1 before printing the W-2.

#1 If the employer does NOT remove the $150 every two weeks from Wages (as I suspect), then, yes, this is an after-tax contribution that you would enter as a "personal" contribution in the screen entitled "Let's enter your HSA contributions".

#2 If, however, your employer also removed this $150 from Wages on your W-2 and didn't enter a code W in box 12, then there is no way for TurboTax to do your return correctly. To do it correctly, you would have to get a corrected W-2 showing the code W amount.

However, I suspect that your employer will tell you that the $150 amount that ends up in your HSA is an after-tax contribution (option #1), so you will be OK - but do ask!
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