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How do I enter California vehicle registration fees or personal property taxes when I get a white screen (still has TT header but all white below header)?

When I click on Deductions and then on car registration fees or personal property taxes I get a blank white screen (no matter how long I wait). Screen shot attached. Attempted update but TT responds I have the latest.

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.... this is the likely issue with anyone with a blank page during the running of Desktop TTX software.

.......TTX should only be installed and run as an Administrator..not in some guest account without administrator privileges...but it's hard to know each person's exact setup.

Exit TurboTax....then:

 1)  right click TurboTax 2018 icon

2)  Select  … Properties

3)  Select the  Compatibility tab

4) In the "Settings" box … check the box to "Run this program as an administrator"


This has fixed the problem for a number of users now.

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