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How to enter a foreign country in the recipient address in Form B 1099-INT, Turbotax flagged it as missing information but won't let me put the foreign country?

This is not even in the filing forms but in order to e-file, Turbotax wants me to add the zip code to the receipient (i.e. me) address in Form B 1099-INT. My address is a foreign country so my zip code is for that foreign country. But Turbotax won't let me enter the foreign country (it looks like it has a drop down list but doesn't work either) so I can enter the appropriate zip code.
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I had the same issue with TurboTax not accepting the (3-letter) State code and (4-digit) zip code for Australia in the Additional Payer Information Box of 1099 Forms. It will only accept 2-letter and 5-digit codes. You the get an error and the Warning that you cannot e-file.

I found last year that if you enter the Payer's  TIN, enter the Country, Street address, City, but leave the State and Zip boxes blank, then it is accepted and no problem with filing.

I had the same problem this year, and the above solution worked again.

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I will suggest you to enter under "Other Income".  Here are the steps:


In TurboTax online program:

  • Sign into your account, select Pick up where you left off
  • To the right upper corner, in the search box, type in "other reportable income" and Enter
  • Select Jump to other reportable income
  • Next screen, Other Wages Received, select No to continue
  • Next screen, scroll down all the way to the bottom, under Other reportable income, select Start
  • Next screen, Any Other Taxable Income? select Yes to continue


Although it will not be reported on line 2 of you Form 1040 as a taxable interest, as long as it is shown under Other Income on line 8, IRS will accept it.

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