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How do i know if my HSA Contribution is already reported for my AGI in Federal taxes? I need to know this since i can't use it in my Georgia return if that is the case.

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If your HSA contributions were made through your employer (either by your employer or by you through payroll deduction), then the amount appears in box 12 on your W-2 with a code of W. This code W amount is removed from Wages in boxes 1, 3, and 5 before your W-2 is even printed, so you will not see any deduction for the contributions, and unless you ask your employer, you have no way of knowing this unless you read form 8889 carefully (it's on line 9).


If you made direct contributions to your HSA outside of your employer (on line 2 of the 8889), then you would see this on Schedule 1, line 12.


Are you asking about the Georgia High Deductible Health Plan deduction? That normally refers to the premiums for your HDHP health policy (typically reported with a code of DD in box 12 on your W-2.


If this is the case, do not be concerned - you are not eligible for this Georgia deduction because you already got it on your federal return, whose numbers flow down to Georgia.


Make sense?

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