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I drove for doordash this year..this is my 1st time doing a 1099..where do I enter my milage or even my car insurance,phone bills,and oil changes?

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The 1099 that you received from DoorDash , along with all of your mileage, car insurance, phone bills and other expenses, can be entered as follows:

  • My Account > Tools > Topic Search > Type 1099 misc > Jump to 1099
  • Enter your 1099 misc and follow the prompts
  • My Account > Tools > Topic Search > Type vehicle expenses
  • On the Business Income and Expenses screen select Business Vehicle Expense
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Where is "my account" at? I have a 1099-NEC would that make a difference?

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You will first go to the section for wages and income.  Then, you will say yes for self-employment income with a 1099-NEC.  Enter your income and expenses information under self-employment Sch C income and expenses section under "mileage".


No, that should not make a difference.  Just make sure that the income does go in correctly.  Some people have had a problem.


The 1099-NEC was brought back for 2020 tax returns just to report non-employee compensation and the box on the 1099-MISC which used to contain that information is gone on the 1099-misc for 2020 tax



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