Refiling as an independent an the second stimulus
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Refiling as an independent an the second stimulus

So I've lived with my grandpa for a few years. Just enough to get through junior and senior year of high school, and work the following year after graduation. I've been moved out since late mid June. For the years I lived there I was filed as a dependent and on my taxes filed myself as a dependent, meaning with my age range I received no stimulus. With the second stimulus coming up, how would I go about refiling as an independent as I no longer live there?

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You can’t legally refile.  For 2019, if you lived with your grandparents the whole year, you are their dependent.  You must check the box that says you can be claimed as a dependent, even if you don’t want to be claimed.   Filing an amended return to say you were not a dependent for 2019 will automatically trigger an investigation.  

For 2020, you might be able to legally not check the box, if you lived independently for more than half they year and you earn more than $4200.  The stimulus payment will be recalculated on your 2020 tax return and if you are eligible, it will be added to your refund at that time.  

The rules for a second stimulus (if passed—it has not passed yet) seem to be similar except your grandparents will be entitled to an extra $500 for you they didn’t get in the first stimulus.  If the rules end up being the same, it would also be added to your refund on your 2020 taxes.  

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