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I just spend 10 hours trying to fix this issue of the home loan interest and refinancing with 2 lenders and 2 loans being purchased by another bank.  The Turbo tax assistant who I called said it is an obvious bug but we got cut off before she remedied it.  Im tired of working on it-


This is how I solved it.....  A -you can do it with the forms and not use easy steps but this is time consuming and complicated.  B- When you get to the yes my loan is over 1mil or no it does neither of these situations apply you can leave the no box checked and NOT hit continue.  Instead just click on deductions on the top and continue onto the next section.  Error check will pass and it may ask for an amount of the loan in one where the 1098 was left blank.  Just put 0.  It may ask for total fair value of home, you can enter that amount as you know or from your last appraisal.   WOW I hope Intuit fixes this Turbo tax problem.  Also as a side note if you call support and you have a mac there is a great chance they will not be able to see your screen with the 1st method they try.  There is another method called Glance which my first support rep did not know about so she hung up on me.  Make sure they try the 2nd method for you to see your screen and help with the turbo tax issue for FY 2019.

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